Program :

    Friday 15 September
    Race office - Riders Confirmation 9am to 1pm - 2pm to 6pm
    Track walk 10am to 12am
    Official training 12am to 6pm

    Saturday 16 September
    Race office from 8.30am
    Obligatory Training 9am to 12am
    Non-stop training 12am to 1pm
    TOP training 1pm to 2pm
    Track closed 2pm to 2.30pm
    Qualifications from 2.30pm

    Sunday 17 September
    Race office from 8.30am
    Trainings 8am to 10am
    Non-stop training 10am to 11am
    TOP training 11am to 12am
    Track closed 12am to 12.30am
    Finales from 12.30am
    Awards Ceremony about 30 min after race