Enduro trail map

The enduro is a discipline that has been growing in popularity. Just as ski touring in the winter, but with a full-suspension bike, the riders pedal up and carry their bikes in order to ride down long and nice tracks.You will be able to organize one-day and multi-days adventures in order to discover different valleys, villages, hotels and restaurants.

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Enduro itineraries

lifts = Lifts / pedaling = Pedaling sections
Name Colour Level Total length On single tracks Top elevation Bottom elevation Difference + Difference - Access GPS Guidos
Verbier side
01 Verbier-Châble   Beginner 6.4 1.2 1'528 827 129 830 cabines gps gps 01
02 Ruinettes-Clambin-Châble   Beginner 14 0 2'204 825 374 1'743 cabines gps gps 02
03 La Chaux - Lourtier - Châble   Beginner 18.8 1.2 2'212 851 384 1'743 cabinespédalage gps gps 03
05 La Chaux - Schlérondes - Le Châble   Advanced 7.7 6.2 2'192 862 248 1'576 cabinespédalage gps gps 05
06 La Planie   Beginner 10.5 0 2'215 2'120 537 452 cabinespédalage gps gps 06
07 Fontanet - La Chaux   Advanced 6 4.2 2'475 2'233 285 522 cabinespédalage gps gps 07
08 Ruinettes - Plannards - Verbier   Beginner 9.5 2 2'194 1'512 278 941 cabinespédalage gps gps 08
09 Savoleyres - Pathier - Le Châble   Advanced 13 6.9 2'345 824 286 1'780 cabinespédalage gps gps 09
11 Cabane Mt-Fort - La Chaux - Lourtier   Expert 7.8 6.8 2'429 1'067 85 1'449 cabinespédalage gps gps 11
12 Gentiannes - La Chaux   Beginner 7.1 0 2'904 2'209 145 834 cabinespédalage gps gps 12
Bruson Side / Gondola open from the 16th of July to 28th of August
14 Larzai - Bruson   Advanced 8.5 6.2 2'163 1'079 342 1'312 cabinespédalage gps gps 14
15 Six-Blanc - Lourtier   Advanced 19.8 8.5 1'549 1'084 1'181 1'874 cabinespédalage gps gps 15
16 La Côt - Bruson   Beginner 7.2 0 1'545 971 293 867 cabines gps gps 16
17 Mille   Expert 14.7 9.9 2'063 1'879 684 1'862 cabinespédalage gps gps 17
19 La Côt - Bruson   Beginner 8.2 0 1'553 825 271 993 cabines gps gps 19
La Tzoumaz side
21 Croix de coeur - La Tzoumaz   Beginner 3.9 2.6 2'346 1'700 0 646 lifts gps gps 21
23 Vallon d'Arby   Expert 4.6 3.1 2'324 1'725 212 669 liftspédalage gps gps 23

All enduro/xc trails are located on hiking trails and shared with hikers. Priotrity to hikers. Be cautious of hikers and respectful.…
You ride through hiking trails and could meet hikers at any time. Priority to hikers.

Anticipate and be ready to stop a few meters in front of hikers. During any encounter be polite and pass them with a foot on the ground, greet and thank the hiker.

Respect the environment where you ride, stay on the trails, no pirate lines, no shortcuts between turns. Keep the impact of your tires on the trail to a minimum, avoid skidding, avoid extreme terrain conditions (soaking wet, bone dry). Do not leave any trash behind and pick up any you may find.
You share the space with grazing cows, pass around the herd by foot, keep a distance and respect/close the fencing.
Be attentive to other riders. If they are in front of you and riding at a slower pace, ask them politely to let you overtake. As well, if someone catches up to you, when possible, leave them space to overtake.


It is important that your equipment is in good condition and depending on the trail or track that you are equipped accordingly. The following equipment is recommended:
- on the bike park: full face helmet, back protector, knee guards.
- enduro: helmet, back protector or backpack with an integrated back protector, knee guards. Additionally it is recommended to have tools, water, food and a first aid kit.
Cross villages and inhabited areas at a reduced speed, be alert while crossing roads and respect traffic rules.

Weather can change quickly, check the weather forecast and for any relevant information before leaving on a long enduro itinerary. Avoid riding alone! If you ride alone, notify a friend of the planned route.

Take your time, always do a warm up run, make sure to scout a trail before riding at higher pace. Be aware of your technical level and of your fatigue, don’t overestimate it.
Certain enduro itineraries traverse steep areas and close to cliffs, identify them and be cautious in those exposed areas. Do not hesitate to dismount from the bike if necessary.