SnowDay4Bikes - 7th of February

A free-ride mountain biking on snow in the after-noon, followed by an aperitif, fondue and a final descent by night!

No race here, except against your friends! ;) You’ll ride at your pace, with whoever you want, and do as many runs you want...

The 10km sledge run of La Tzoumaz, with its 6m wide, are specially prepared for this day and reserved for you. After this tiring day, the Bikepark offers you an aperitif at Savoleyres restaurant at 2'354m. After to be warmed up with a good cheese fondue, the return on La Tzoumaz or Verbier is made through the ski slopes!


Go faster, fill the disclaimer in advance here.
Print it and bring it to the registration on place.

Age: minium 16 y.o. (complete the disclaimer here), print the form and bring it to the registration on place.

• 10.30am-11.30am: Registration at the Savoleyres gondola station (Verbier) and in Tzoumaz (Tourism Office)

• 10.30am-11.30am: Lift to the track's start. Not allowed to enter the track before the official opening!
• 11.50am: Briefing and track's opening
• 12am-5pm: Free downhill
• 6am : Apéro
• 7pm: Cheese Fondue
• 8.30pm: Descent by night to return to Verbier or la Tzoumaz
• 9/9.30pm: Arrival at the resort and end of the event.

• Recommended mud tires. Studded tires unnecessary and prohibited.
• Full face helemet are recommended
• Headlight + warm gear for the night descent

Terms of cancelation:
• If the weather is bad for January 31th, your registration will be automatically postponed for the February 7th.
• Your registration will be fully refunded if the event must be canceled...

• In case of injury before the event, the refund will be made on presentation of a medical certificate.

Pre-registrations - 05.02.2020
NameFirst name
1Perraudin Marius
2Michellod Robin
3Corbaz Cyril
4Castiglioni Mattia
5Vander Straeten Julien
6Radice Fossati Alberico
7De Nardo Martin
8 Gressier-Soudan Romain
9 Laffay Jules
10 Dorthe Maxime
11 De Giorgi Matteo
12 Klimov Matwey
13 Vetter Yannick
14 Troillet Jules
15 Wäckerlin David
16 Waelchli Christophe
17 Hürzeler Marc-André
18 Aellen Cali
19 Aellen François
20 Butler Michael
21 Fieldsend Lee
22 Lechthaler Anja
23 Zucchinetti Mattéo
24 Sarrasin Olivier
25 Lopez Patrice
26 Sprunger Jean-Luc
27 Frei Nicolas
28 Huerzeler Marc-André
29 Blume Jorik
30 Laforge Marius
31 Feuz Benoît
32 Singer Quentin
33 Singer Emilie
34 Wilson Jonathan
35 Chehab Timothé
36 Chehab Quentin
37 Monnet Cedric
38 Praz Gerald
39 Pillet Jerome
40 Béguelin Marc-Antoine
41 Grosjean Amélie
42 Robe Damien